In the U.S., we have noticed a resurgence of social movements. In Central New York, activist groups are calling for an end to U.S. devastation and killings done through drone bombing in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other countries. This bombing is being planned and executed from control rooms in air force bases in Syracuse and other locations.

We also have growing numbers of people becoming aware and peacefully resisting the storage of LPG and methane gases in Seneca Lake salt caverns.

Indigenous sovereignty and territorial issues as well as water and environmental protection are at play in Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, as well as Onondaga and Cayuga territory in what is now known as New York state. Black Lives Matter networks are also forming across the nation, resisting inhumane treatment of people of color in streets and prisons, and constructing proposals to restore community safety and new solidarities.

Hear below about these resistances from the voices of those who fight for dignity, justice and indigenous rights.

*special thanks to Anushka Rajbhandari for editing help.