SOAW convergence
SOAW convergence Nogales and Tucson and Eloy detention center AZ Photo/Robyn Wishna 2016

Migration is a decision millions of people face around the world, out of necessity due to political, economic and/or other reasons. There is a need to examine why this is a reality today, and what that reality is, and especially to draw the link to militarization policies of the U.S. toward Latin America and other regions, globally.

Women have been at the forefront of the fight for human rights and dignity, along a spectrum of different aspects of the migration process. Some of these women do work preparing and taking meals for migrants who travel atop trains, in Central America and Mexico. Others organize to offer migrants shelter to recover from the obstacles and violence of the journey, and yet others help those migrants who get deported to begin to get their lives back together before deciding what to do. Yet others work diligently to find out the identity and stories of those who do not make it, and who die at any point in the migration process.

Hear some of these stories; get to know some of these activists below…

photos: Robyn Wishna 2016



Jennifer Breen, immigration attorney at Miller Mayer, Ithaca NY Speech at rally on 3 30 17