John Henry Gonzalez (Movimiento Campesino de Cajibio y Coordinador Nacional Agrario CNA)

entrevista junio 2016, Popayan

  1. Minutos 0’00’’-7’15’’’’ – hablando sobre la tierra en Cajibio, conflictos (on lands in Cajibio, conflicts with one another, and with corporations’ strategy)
  2. Minutos 7’16’’ – 11’52’’ – la nocion de territorios campesinos (on the difference notion and importance of building campesino territories)
  3. Minutos 11’53’’’-16’35’’ – sobre Carton Colombia, los problemas con sus proyectos ‘sociales’ y la ley Zidres (on Carton colombia’s ‘social projects’ and zidres as a state entrepreneurship approach – impact on communities)
  4. Minutos 16’36’-18’38’’ – sobre economia, modelo extractivista y los problemas (on the political economy approach, dependency on extractivism and royalties)

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