Connecting the dots between movements
in Colombia, Latin America and the U.S.

En el Camino a la Minga Global (On the Path to the Global Minga) takes its name from the “Minga” of 2008, an indigenous-led mobilization in Cauca, Colombia, which began a journey through Cauca, Colombia to draw attention to a plan of oppression containing indigenous Colombians under military occupation. In New York State, we are developing strategies to educate our communities about common concerns with our sisters and brothers in Latin America and create a transnational culture supporting territorial sovereignty, where the economic system serves the needs of local communities and those living on the land have the authority to develop sustainable environmental policies.We are also raising awareness about challenges to the militarization of local and global relationships in the Americas.

 En el Camino a la Minga Global brings awareness about the resistances of these movements, and imagines ways in which the movements and its peoples have and will continue to work collectively, minga style, for change.